The Green Deal

Green Deal Advice Service

  • Consultancy services to Local Authorities and Housing Associations
  • Partnering with Green Deal Providers to provide easy access to the Green Deal for homeowners and occupiers
  • Working with partners on Green Deal Pioneer funded Projects
  • Delivering EPCs for ECO funded instructions

Telephone: 02392 280152

The Green Deal is an innovative new initiative designed to break down financial barriers to the upgrading of property, both commercial and domestic, to improve energy efficiency, keep energy bills down and in doing so, reduce carbon emissions. The entire mechanism for the Green Deal has been constructed to ensure security for consumers regarding the quality of assessment, product and installation. All industry participants in the Green Deal will be certificated and regularly audited to ensure a quality service is delivered at all levels.

The main premise of the Green Deal is that the annual repayments should not exceed the annual savings made as a result of the installation of energy saving measures – this is known as ‘The Golden Rule’. The loan will attract interest at a rate determined by the Green Deal Provider (the organisation co-ordinating finance, products and installation). The Green Deal loan will be attached to the Electricity Meter at the property, not the occupier, and payments will be collected via a separate entry within the electricity bill. People will be able to pay for some or all of the improvements by using the financial energy savings expected to be made.

A Green Deal Advice Report is required in order to take out a Green Deal Plan. Evolve are a certificated Green Deal Advice Service and operate a nationwide network of commercial and domestic Green Deal Advisors to produce reports to interested parties ranging from large organisations to individual homeowners or tenants.

Independent and impartial advice and full details about the Green Deal can be obtained from the Energy Savings Trust 0300 123 1234, Home Energy Scotland 0808 808 2282 or at

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